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Laser Teeth Whitening
Laser is often confused with UV heat lamps that heat a gel to create a re-action on the tooth surface. These lamps are broadband light and can heat the pulp of the tooth, which is undesireable.

Laser uses a single wavelength of light is much more targeted with its interaction with dental tissue.This unique method means virtually all types of stained teeth can be treated.

These techniques and unique laser are used in the Smartbleach® treatment are a result of extensive research over more than six years. It began with the general observation that people living in countries with a sunnier climate, tended to have whiter teeth.

Smartbleach® works by using a laser to produce pure green light from the sunlight spectrum and matching this green light to a Smartbleach® patented red gel containing a special, non-acidic, preparation of hydrogen peroxide. Red and green are complementary colours and the consequent Smartbleach® interaction is able to reach large, light absorbing molecules deep in the teeth, changing them into smaller molecules which reflect light. The result is a whiter, brighter teeth. Smartbleach® is also able to stabilise the smaller molecules, stopping them reforming into large ones. This means that the treatment lasts longer.

Here is a description of a typical Smartbleach® treatment. Firstly, the teeth are cleaned and dried by the dentist. A protective coating is applied to the gums and then the special Smartbleach® red gel is applied to the teeth.

Each tooth is then exposed to the laser for thirty seconds during which the patient either feels a tingling sensation or nothing at all. The gel is removed and the mouth rinsed. This process is repeated usually for a total of three applications. The whole treatment lasts from one to one and a quarter hours.

An exciting aspect of Smartbleach® is that the results are visible immediately, so the patient can judge for themselves, after each application, if they need to continue or if they have reached the desired result.

At the end of the treatment, the teeth are given a fluoride application activated by the Smartbleach® laser. Research has shown that this builds up resistance to decay, so Smartbleach® gives you not only whiter teeth but also stronger teeth.

                                                        Before                                                                                 One hour later


The results seen here are typical of one treatment with the Smartbleach® system.